Most of the expository work in this website, has been extracted from Mr. Panton's Evangelical Magazine.


Having only two volumes, and a couple of monthly issues of my own, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Mr. Edward B. Howarth, (Templepatrick), for allowing me the use of his volumes. I am most grateful to Mr. Howarth, who never once refused me the use of any book in his extensive library. Without his generosity and help, much of this work by Panton, would not be presently available for use. 


I would like also to thank Mr. A. L. Chitwood for his help by electing to speak to Lewis Schoettle [Schoettle Publishing Company] and acquiring permission to use 'any material which he prints,' on this website.  Mr. Chitwood has also kept me in touch over the years with his own writings - [and taped ministry]- along with numerous others by his former pastor, A. E. Wilson.


I am most grateful also to Mr. Lewis Schoettle for his help over the past years in sending me articles which he himself may not have published.


Appreciation and thanks also to Mr. M. Hull, for his help -[in preparing] and allowing his late father's writings, - [Mr. J. C. Hull] - to be made available.


And I am sure there are many others who can and are willing to help. 


1.  Can any one help in the search for Amy Carmichael's book, "PLOUGHED UNDER"?


2. "The Orthodoxy of the Church" by Watchman Nee