It goes without saying that this age is one of the most momentous the earth has ever known.  We stand at the crossroads and at times behave as disinterested spectators when before our very eyes is being enacted the mightiest drama of all time.



The tribulation is just around the corner!  All signs point in that direction.  Viewing conditions from any standpoint one is bound to admit that the climax of the ages is upon us.



Political conditions stress the nearness of the man of sin.  Visualize, if you can, the upheaval and turmoil of the day.  Start in any country, travel from east to west and from pole to pole, and the same sorry plight confronts you.  Listen to the frantic groans of the starving millions.



Pandemonium and fear paralyze all strata of society.  Distrust is rampant.  Everywhere people speak of World War III, and sometimes we fear we hear the tramp, tramp of marching feet.  The unstable, in-cohesive conditions predicted in Nebuchadnezzar’s vision, in Daniel 2, are everywhere evident.



Then, too, the swift-moving moral scene is symptomatic of tribulation times.  Christ spoke of conditions to prevail in the time of His return.  We are told that the drunkenness and debauchery of Noah’s day would be evident.  He declared also that we would see the loose, lecherous behaviour of Lot’s day.  On one hand we witness amazing scientific advancement and on the other hand we witness an acute moral recession coupled with downright decline and decay.



Divorce courts are full.  Outbreaks of vice and unheard of atrocities are numerous.  The record from day to day becomes more sickening and the scene grows darker.  A sin-laden, sin-loving age gladly sets the stage for the revelation of the Man of Sin.  Christ confronted a rebellious world with righteousness and was crucified. Antichrist shall come as the incarnation of all that is deceitful and wicked and shall win instant acclaim.



We are compelled to consider also that satanic activities point to the nearness of tribulation torment.  The Bible authorizes our statement that in the last days demonic powers shall increase their influence on human affairs. Unclean spirits, springing from the abyss, shall travel to and fro throughout the earth, carrying on their diabolic schemes.  Falsehood shall prosper (Dan. 8: 25, Strong) under the direction of lying spirits blanketing the earth with their malignant, God-hating deceit.



Through his many-sided genius, Antichrist shall persuade the millions, all strata of society included, that he is the answer to their need.  Deluded and deceived, they gladly will believe a lie and thus move closer to their inevitable damnation.



During tribulation times, totalitarianism in its worst form shall find ready acceptance and the whole world shall wonder after the beast.  The plans are being well formed.  Myriads of demons and spirits of uncleanness are relentlessly sowing the seed on a world wide scale.  Falsehood, ever the keynote of their programme, shall find universal acceptance and its grand culmination will be the unveiling of the man of sin.



LUKE 21: 34-36



The aroused and watchful Christian takes a different view-point from that which is earthly.  Political unrest makes him happy to be a citizen of God’s kingdom.  The increase of sin causes him to draw close to the Lord and hide beneath the precious blood.  Satanic activity makes him more conscious of the truth.  He lives in the joy of Christ’s all-complete victory.  Consequently one born of God can see these things come to pass and lift up his head and rejoice.  He thanks God and prays that he might be counted worthy to escape all these things and to stand before the Son of man. Christian, will the Bridegroom cry find you watching - waiting - ready?



- The Gospel Call.