(Written during a night of intense pain)



The way is dark, the path so rough,

The cross so hard to bear,

I cannot trace His ways of love,

And yet I trust His care.



The pain is strong, the sorrow deep,

I seem to be alone;

My faith at best is now so weak,

Yet God is on the Throne.



I  try to pray, it seems a fight,

And never can I rest;

But Jesus says, Im doing right,

My child, I know the best.



Thy Word has seemed to lose Its power,

No comfort do I find;

Oh, Jesus, come this very hour,

And heal my tortured mind.



Come, heal the wounds, take my poor heart

And fill with love to Thee,

The One Whom men denied, betrayed,

Then killd at Calvary.



He knoweth sorrow, pain and loss,

He trod his path alone,

And through His death at Calvarys Cross

His perfect peace I own.



I know that my Redeemer lives,

He gives, He takes away;

To Him, my love, my life I give,

There is no other way.


                                   - ALAN G. FISHER.