A. E. Wilson


From time immemorial, Utopia has been a dream of the peoples of the world - a state . . . a place . . . a country in which all conditions would be perfect.  The Bible speaks of a thousand years of peace - the millennial reign of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Of late, we have heard much of the ĎNew Deal,í the ĎFair Deal,í and the Great Society.  These philosophies envision a time in which all nations, peoples and races will be one world, one language, one government, one church, one people, with one ruler.

Such a dream and hope is admirable because it is based upon Scripture.  But manís efforts to bring into being such a state is doomed to failure, like an inherent weakness in a child with an inherited disease.  This concept is good because of the need for a centralized government; a ruler with universal authority and complete control is absolutely essential to the welfare of the nations of the world.  But before such a state can exist, there must be found a competent, supreme ruler to govern.

The question arises, Where is such a man to be found?  There have been rulers before now - Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon, Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus, Darius, Alexander the Great, the Caesars. There have been others like Oliver Cromwell, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini, who had aspirations of becoming world dictators. None of these ever succeeded in exercising complete control of any given area.

The population explosion has introduced problems so vast and complicated that no human brain can grasp them, much less master them.  Each passing day, it becomes more and more evident that man is not going to be able to introduce a Super-State or the Great Society.  No man appears on the horizon, capable of dealing with the situation as it now exists throughout the world.  The slowness of the process of "evolution" (?) renders it impossible for a man to evolve today to take control, and only destruction lies ahead.

The human race is not improving; instead, it is growing worse and worse, and the conditions existing in our cities today under the march of so-called civil rights reverts to the jungle and has none of the marks of civilization.  The world is longing for, looking for and dreaming of a superman who will bring order out of this present chaos.

This hope for a superman is not a dream alone, because a Superman is in the offing.  He not only is a Superman, He is a supernatural Man, He is the God-Man, prophesied in the Word of God, from Genesis 3: 15 as the Seed of the woman who will crush the head of the serpent, on through the entire Bible.  The world is longing for and looking for this Superman and He must be found; yea, He will be found.

The world will have a choice for a [its] superman.  He will be Satanís man and will be known as the anti-christ.  The Lord God Almighty has a choice and His Man will be the Lord Jesus Christ.  One of the sources of so much grief and sorrow in the world today is because of the conflict between these two messiahs, striving for the allegiance of men - Satanís false messiah, the anti-christ; and Godís true Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Bible tells us that until the Lord Jesus Christ returns there will be no peace. There will be wars and rumors of wars. There will be continual conflict between the forces of unrighteousness (Satanís kingdom) and the forces of righteousness (Christís kingdom), until those here upon the earth become so degenerate that the Lord will return in judgment, after which He will establish the Super-State which is known as the millennial reign of Christ, an actual reign of a thousand years here upon the earth.