Now that the "controversy of Zion" is coming more frequently into the news of the world, let us look into God's word to learn what He has to say of the final outcome.  The dissension between the Jews and Arabs is becoming an issue, and one in which the Jews cannot but lose if they resort to violence at this time, as they are so greatly out-numbered.  Their eventual triumph is certain, and their possession of the land of their fathers is decreed by the highest tribunal of the universe, but it is not final until their Messiah comes, "in clouds descending."


The name "Arab" means "mingled."  Let us remember this, for Edom (Esau) and Ishmael are now known under that name.  Esau married a daughter of the Ishmaelites and their posterity have continued to intermarry.  Also, Moab, Ammon and the other nations of the south and east in Bible times are included in this "mingled people:"


The message of Obadiah, to Edom or Esau is plainly to the Arab world of to-day, for the pronouncement of doom herein given has never been fulfilled.


First, we shall look into the message of Obadiah and then we shall see what other prophets echo on the same subjects.  If the word "heathen" in the text were rendered "nations" we would receive a better understanding of the prophecy.  The "rumour from the Lord" of the Jews demanding Palestine caused the Arabs to send special representatives to the various nations in an endeavour to prevent the governing bodies from co-operating with the Zionists in their efforts to occupy Palestine.  The time is coming when not only the Jews, but other nations with them, shall go against the Arabs.  And within their confederacy shall men rise up to give them wrong counsel, others pretending peace with them will deceive them and assist in their overthrow.


This will culminate in a dreadful slaughter in the land of Esau.  The cause of their terrible punishment is given as "thy violence against thy brother Jacob” ... “and thou shalt be cut off forever." (v. 10).  When the land was wrested from Jacob, and he was scattered throughout the world, Esau stood on the other side with those who destroyed him, rejoicing over his brother's desolation, and helping the strangers against him.


Now God chides Esau and tells him that he should not have stood and looked upon his brother in his calamity, nor rejoiced over the suffering of the children of Judah.  Seven times the Lord says. "Thou shouldest not" concerning Esau's treatment of Jacob, and six times does the Lord describe the latter's trouble as his day of destruction, distress and calamity (vs. 11-14).  For this, Esau's punishment is decreed; as he sowed, he shall reap.  "For the day of the Lord is near upon all the heathen (or nations): as thou hast done it shall be done to thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head."(v. 15).


Other prophets were given messages of warning to the children of Esau, warnings which they do not heed.  Ezekiel conveyed a decree of judgment in chapter 35. Mount Seir is the territory originally allotted to Esau.  God's reason for the punishment upon Mount Seir is that, "thou hast had a perpetual hatred, and hast shed the blood of the children of Israel" (vs. 5).  And furthermore, "Because thou hast said, These two nations and these two countries shall be mine and we will possess it, whereas the Lord was there" (vs. 10). God’s message by Obadiah to the Arabs was repeated almost identically by the prophet, Jeremiah, in chapter 49: 7-22.


Isaiah, too, saw visions of the doom of the Arabs.  In chapter 34, he gives God's message of their final judgment. They are called the people of His curse.  Beside a great slaughter, there shall be no inhabitant left in their land, for an overwhelming natural catastrophe shall turn the streams into burning pitch which can never be quenched, and the land shall be turned into brimstone which shall burn continually.


Thus we know what the end of the Arabs, the mingled people, shall be.  Whether it be, near or not depends upon how soon Jesus returns, for He will finish the prophecy when he reigns in Jerusalem.