Genesis 16: 13.       Jamess 1: 24.



Is God saying to me, “You are not in love with Me now” I remember the time you were?



Why do I resist the suggestion that I need to go deeper with God?



Have I an inner conflict against another soul? against myself?



Am I thankful for the heartbreaks, the disillusionments and tribulation that forces me to my only refuge, God?



What is the “great sin” in me that blocks the Holy Spirit from getting all of my life?



Do I know enough of the guidance of the Holy Spirit not to proceed when doubt makes a conflict?



What do other people’s criticisms do to me?



When I leave a group of people, do I leave an impression of myself, or of Jesus?



Have I forgotten how to be sorry?



Do I discern the faults and fail to see the fibres of strength and great promise in people?



What do I want most, life or God?



Do I chafe, not understanding that conflict, contact, and change are necessary for spiritual growth?



Have I known joy and growth through the mastery of my dislikes and frictions?



Can I receive an affront of smarting rebuke in silence?



Do I realize that I gain the strength of the temptation I resist?



Am I more concerned with putting across my own holiness or the power of God?



Can I stand in the light of First Corinthians 13 or do I have to shuffle?



Have I a disposition that is never lustful, spiteful or evil?



Where do I find my reality, in God or in people?



Does my intercession take hold until my friend’s soul gets into contact with the life of God?



Is my will bowed in sad submission, or lifted up in glad humility within the will of God?



Do my friends call me stubborn while I think myself determined?



Is my idea of the Church that of a witness for Christ, or of a group who hold the same opinions and prejudices?



Am I aware that self can raise up within myself a host of competitors with “calls” that seem as good as God’s still small voice?



Am I seeking tags of honour and office?



Has my bitter trial left me face to face with God, not with myself?



Am I one man in a thousand who is able to maintain my spiritual life in a controversy?



Am I ready to have God stamp out of me my personal ambitions?



Do I have a sympathetic capacity of understanding people’s hearts?



Am I so bound up that I refuse to yield to the power of love?



Have I allowed the sense of failure to corrupt my next step for God?



Do I have attachments that could not stand the scrutiny of God?



Am I making life hard for anybody?



‑The Gospel Herald.