BY the promises are insured to Israel


(1) A fertile land. Isa. 55: 13; Jer. 31: 5; Joel 3: 18; Amos 9: 13.

(2) Seasonable rains. Ezek. 34: 26 ; Joel. 2: 23.

(3) Well built cities. Isa. 61: 4.

(4) Fixity of land tenure and security of real estate. Isa. 65: 21, 22.

(5) A numerous population. Isa. 49:19, 20; Ezek. 36: 37, 38; Zech. 2:4

(6) Just magistrates. Isa. 60: 17.

(7) A charter of personal liberty. Jer, 30: 8.

(8) Popular education. Isa. 54: 13.

(9) Wealth and plenty. Isa. 54: 11, 12; 60: 5, 11; Jer. 33: 12, 13; Joel 2: 26.

(10) Absence of seditious elements. Ezek. 20:28.

(11) Undisputed supremacy amongst the nations. Micah 5: 8.

(12) A glorious theocracy. Isa. 24:23.


What an ideal state of national politics is here described!  And this is all involved in the hope of the promises.


Further, the fulfilment of the promises will bring to Israel twelve clearly defined features of spiritual blessing, all of them found in the third chapter of the prophecy of Zephaniah.  For they will be:-


(1) A united people. Verse 9.

(2) A truly humble people. Verse 11.

(3) A consciously dependent people. Verse 12.

(4) A people confident in God. Verse 12.

(5) A truthful people. Verse 13.

(6) A fearless people. Verse 13.

(7) A joyful people. Verse 14.

(8) A people among whom God resides. Verse 15.

(9) A people secure from calamity. Verse 15.

(10) A zealously active people. Verse 16.

(11) A people in whom God delights. Verse 17.

(12) An object-lesson to the whole world of the abounding grace of God. Verses 11, 20.


These conditions, national, political and spiritual, will result from the fulfilment of the promises.  They will be realized only in the land, after the full restoration of the people and occupation of the land has come to pass. This restoration is assured by definite promise.  That it is future and literal is proved by seven considerations:-


(1) There is to be a restoration “a second time”. Isa. 11:11.  There having been but one restoration in history, the second restoration must be future.


(2) There is to be a restoration from the four corners of the earth. Isa. 11: 11, 12.  No such restoration having taken place in history, it must be future.


(3) The whole land of promise is to be possessed. Gen. 15: 18; Obadiah 5: 17.  There having been no entire possession of the whole of the promised land in history, there must be a literal and future restoration.


(4) A restoration is predicted which is to be associated with the formal reunion of Israel and Judah. Ezek. 37: 22.  Such restoration never having taken place, it must of necessity be future.


(5) A restoration is predicted which is to be associated with national conversion. Ezek. 36: 24‑27.  No such restoration having taken place, it must be future.


(6) A distribution of the land and a location of the tribes is predicted which has never been realized in history.  It must therefore be future. Ezek. 48. (whole chapter).


(7) A resettlement upon the land is predicted, after which there is to be no further scattering. Amos 9: 15.  No such resettlement having taken place in history, it must of necessity be future.


Together with this most certain and most literal resettlement of the Israel people in the land made over to them by Covenant and occupied up to its furthest limits, there are three promises of soul-restoration for the Israel race:-


(1) The people will be cleansed and God’s anger turned away from them. Isa. 12:1; Jer. 33: 8, 9.


(2) They will be brought into new covenant relationship. Jer. 31: 31‑34.


(3) They will be justified and made righteous. Isa. 45: 25; 60: 21.