This deeply significant letter by Rabbi Daniel Zion, the Chief Rabbi of Bulgaria, was written to Dr. Keith Brooks (Prophecy Monthly, Aug. 1951).  Coming from a Chief Rabbi, it is a thrilling forecast of Israel officially turning to Christ.



*       *       *



       Dear Brother Brooks,



      I received your dear letter and hasten to reply, giving you the true story of how I have found my Messiah, the Christ.  It was over the course of twenty years that faith gradually developed in me.  I was, of course, educated in an environment quite hostile to the name of Jesus.  I myself - now much to my sorrow - once tore up a copy of the New Testament.  But after that I was troubled and prayed much that God would show me the way of truth.



      In His great mercy He answered my prayer.  The very Spirit of the Messiah came upon me.  The Holy Spirit began speaking to me by an inner voice.  He gave me many signs by which I should find the Saviour.  His likeness as He hung upon the cross frequently came before my mind.  There were miracles wrought in answer to my prayers in His name.  Thus I knew in my soul that He was the Messiah.



      Despite all these things, causing me to believe in Him, I was in a high position among the Jews and I was not yet moved to go before them and before the world to publish my faith.  Since I was the Chief Rabbi of Bulgaria, it took some time for me to be emancipated.



      Finally, I left the rabbinate and came to the land of Israel.  There were many afflictions and disappointments to humble me.  The inner voice of Messiah finally sent me to Jerusalem and there I remained a full month in solitude.  The Spirit told me to read the New Testament constantly and with devotion.



      At the conclusion of this month, the Spirit came mightily upon me.  He was in my heart as a burning fire.  For some time I was unable to speak, then the Lord definitely led me to go to the two secretaries of the Chief Rabbinate of Tel Aviv and tell them that Jesus the Son of God is our Messiah, our Redeemer.  I could find no rest until I started for Tel Aviv.  God enabled me to witness to them with power.



      From thence the message went forth over all the land.  There was great confusion among the Jews.  Newspapers and periodicals over the land published stories about my conversion.  There came to me also journals from other lands with strange reports about me.  It seemed my faith had been broadcast to all the world.



      But despite all the insults, misrepresentations and persecutions - and some friends turned to bitter enemies - God gave me great strength to withstand all the slander and Satanic temptations.  I had debates with noted Rabbis in the land as well as with many learned people who dwell in darkness.  I was never so happy in my life.  I was dwelling in the light of Jesus, and God, through the Spirit, empowered me so that none were able to prevent my speaking and I began to have the joy of winning others.



      Now, He has led me to prepare a charter for a Messianic Church for Christian Israelis.  I am seeking government ratification so that we may have a little place of prayer and meditation where I can open the Scriptures unto my Jewish brethren.  There are indications that Christians in various places will come to our help in building such a centre.  My one hope now is that my remaining years may be devoted to bringing this same wonderful faith to my brethren and that He may empower me to sound the trumpet with no uncertain sound.



      One thing I do covet above all else - the prayers of God’s people for my mission here.  I have had no connection with the man you mention or with any other work here.  I ask nothing of man.  I know that if God wants to use me, He will somehow provide the needs.



      Yours in the peace of the Messiah,



               Daniel Solomon Zion,



                    P.O. Box 298, Jerusalem, Israel.



*       *       *





1. “Many ministers and Bible teachers know what God’s purposes are for Israel, but for the sake of expediency and to avoid rocking the boat – they are silent. …”  - Ken Burnett.



2. Christian, pray for the salvation of Israel.  The battle is on, and there will be heroes to champion the cause of righteousness to the very return of Christ in Millennial glory “when He shall come to be gloeified in his saints and to be admired in all them that believe” (2 Thess. 1: 10) and to “destroy them that destroy the earth” (Rev. 11: 18).



3. A Jewish woman was living in Constantinople with her husband.  One day, her husband came home, and told her that he had found Jesus of Nazareth.  He said that Jesus is the Messiah for whom many of the Jews are waiting.  He told his wife that he was now a believer in Jesus.  He called Jesus his Saviour and his Lord.  The wife was very angry.  She did all that she could to make her husband’s life unhappy.  Every day she was unkind to him.  He was very patient.  He said to her, “If only you knew my Lord Jesus!  Then everything would be different  Several months passed by.  The wife finally knew that some change had taken place in her husband.  She became very unhappy.  She felt her own sinfulness.  Then she got down on her knees and prayed, “O God, if Jesus is really my Messiah, let me know Him.  Let Him show Himself to me  She did not know just what happened.  The door was shut, but the Lord Jesus seemed to enter the room and say to her, “I am Jesus whom thou persecutest  From that day, the wife was a changed woman.  She knew that the Lord Jesus was her Messiah, her Saviour.  She had sought for Him with an earnest heart and found him!


-        The Sunday School Times.