In the long history of the Church we have a literal and terrible fulfillment of the prophesied activity of Satan.  We are told that he goes about "as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour."  His determination to tear to pieces the Church of Christ, and destroy the living testimony to the Redeemer of lost and sinful men, found expression in the diabolical activity of Nero and the unrestrained cruelty of Diocletian.


The public slaughter of believers throughout the ages, whether the human instrument be a rope or a military dictator, and the means employed be a fire or a sword, or the horror of rotting in a rat-infested dungeon, the fact that all this has happened to men, women, and even children professing the name of Christ is undeniable evidence that what Scripture foretold would come to pass has indeed come to pass.  When it has not been expedient to devour openly, then has Satan transformed himself into an angel of light in order to deceive.


The manner of this deception at once suggests some form of false teaching; a teaching that, while it contains some element of truth, is still not in accordance with the written word.  In this connection there is no greater chaos in the channels of human thought than that which prevails as a result of attempting to Christianize modern society; to impregnate the existing order with what passes for the Christian Religion, and by that means build the Kingdom of God on earth.  This is the bait that is used to attract believers and thus draw them into the perplexity that is causing menís hearts to fail, and to wonder what is coming to pass upon the earth.


We know of course that Scripture teaches us that until a set time the earth would remain under the curse, due to the disobedience of our first parents.  There has been no later revelation of any description to tell us that the curse pronounced in Eden has been lifted.  Consequently a cursed earth and a creature in controversy with his Creator are conditions entirely consistent with the revelation given to us in Godís word, and indeed are the only adequate and logical explanation of what we see around us.Believers, leaving the plain statements of Godís word, are being enticed into all manner of worldly activity in an attempt to impose the Sermon on the Mount upon an unregenerate society.  This preoccupation with the affairs of this life [or evil age] is producing the choked spiritual life the Saviour warned against in the parable of the Sower."And that which fell among thorns are they, which, when they have heard, go forth, and are choked with cares of this life - and bring no fruit to perfection."


Satan knew that the vanity of men exults in the fascinating glory of a worldly kingdom.  Consequently he took Jesus up into an exceeding high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.  This temptation is remarkable for the insight we have given us of the depth of cunning to which Satan can descend.He attracts in order to deceive.  The kingdoms of this world are a very real attraction to a mind alienated from God.


A civilization enlightened by its own education and philosophies of life, spurred on by the impetus of its own inventions, and moving through a series of social revolutions towards some fancied golden age or new world-order is the mirage in the desert that captivates the worldly-minded.  Its attainment is accepted by the greatest political thinkers of the day as being merely a matter of time.  They make their speeches ring out the surety of attaining this goal: but Jesus, who knew the end from the beginning, in startling contrast to mere man who knows not what a day brings forth, refused to accept Satanís offer of world rulership, though the offer was made at the time when the Son of Man had no where to lay His head.


Hence, politics, which broadly speaking is the collective activity and expedient administration of earthly governments, are by their very nature forbidden territory to one who belongs to the Father.  The strife and clash of opposing opinions among men seeking to rule without God clearly forbid the interference of one separated by Christ from the wisdom of this world.  The political arena is the breeding ground for the secret diplomacy that periodically hurls one nation at another.  It is an established fact that politics are a career, yet who would dare, nay who is competent, to say just what particular motive is driving a politician along a certain line of thought?


It is generally accepted that the aim of the politician is a healthier state of society.  But the lessons of history, oneís personal experience, and the decidedly unhealthy and dangerous conditions of the political arena of our own day do not support that view.  The determination to satisfy personal vanity and the wielding of personal power in the realm of power-politics seem to be much nearer the truth.The gilded lie was never so much in evidence as in our own day.Continental political giants have been striped naked and exposed as careerists and cowards, vultures living on the people.


It cannot be too strongly pointed out that the social righteousness advocated by the politician is a righteousness without God.  At best it is humanism that is wholly detached from the purity of Godís Righteousness as revealed in Jesus Christ.  Frankly considered, the case against the believer becoming enmeshed in the political confusion that so substantially contributes to the prevailing perplexity has been proved conclusively.  This inability to diagnose the cause of the human tragedy made up as it is of lawlessness and suffering, the latter following the former as night follows day, is effectively demonstrated by the desperate and hopeless resort to a new league of nations; a new league of nations fortified by an international police force, with the addition of the resources of modern scientific research in the field of high-powered destructives.


It is a fact that, continually faced with the destructive power of evil, the most cultured and educated civilization attainable by men is literally forced to protect itself by a more scientific and a more powerful arm of law.  This age-long struggle for supremacy between good and evil, culminating as it has done in the nearly complete and continual victory of evil over good, even though temporary, must sooner or later give birth to the final crisis of the nations.


There is an impassable gulf between the imaginations of unregenerate men and the purposes of God according to His foreknowledge.  One illustration will suffice.  According to men the cause of all world chaos and individual stress is either unsound politics, mismanaged industry, biased education, or perverted economics.  All this they say produces a world-crisis resulting in war, which can only be averted in the future by a truly organized distribution of the resources of the earth.  It will be seen at once that while such a superficial explanation is made a basis for starting another new order of any kind whatever, the real issue will never be fought out.  It is simply a tinkering with the symptoms to the fatal neglect of the disease.  Jesus left no room for doubt that in fully accepting the implications of the death of the Cross, He was personally dealing with the controversy that God has with the creature He made.  And not only so, but when He said, "It is finished," that was a plain declaration that the conflict of the ages had passed its greatest crisis.  The righteousness of God had been revealed in a display of love and power so unique that a perfect remedy was provided in the death and resurrection of Jesus for the disease that has cursed humanity, namely, sin.  Can it be wondered at that the ablest and most sincere politician only adds to the confusion and misery when he seeks a solution of the worldís troubles by deliberately ignoring the fact of Calvary?  Because Jesus has personally settled Godís controversy with the nations, the nations are commanded to "Kiss the Son lest He be angry, and ye perish from the way, when His wrath is kindled but a little."


From this it is clear that any attempt to build a new world order is simply another way of saying, "We will not have this Man to reign over us."  It follows that if the world has rejected Christ, then all its activity is Godless, and doomed to failure for that very reason.  No doubt men are baffled by the presumption of ministers of religion blessing the schemes and plans for a new world order when it is remembered that the vital international council chambers God is never even named, let alone consulted.





It is remarkable how symptoms ripen of the Advent, and how convincing they are to the watchful eyes of those who know and believe the prophetic Scriptures.  The establishment of the Ďgolden ageí is much nearer than many Christians today suppose.  No matter in which direction we turn, we see a rapid deterioration in morality; a disregard for those in authority; an increase in the misuse of drugs: there is an uncomfortable feeling abroad, a distress of nations, menís hearts failing them for fear.


An important question for every Christian is: Where does my loyalty lie?  Am I supporting the present system which God has rejected? - Ed.


G. H. Lang highlighted the ever present danger for every believer:-


"A king must needs have a body of superior officers to serve him in administering his kingdom.  King David had administrators and priests, men who had served and suffered with him in the long years of his rejection (2 Sam. 8: 15-18) but Jonathan, though he loved David as his own soul and willingly resigned to him the throne, seeking only to be second only in the Kingdom though himself the heir apparent (1Sam. 23: 17), DID NOT EVEN ENTER Davidís Kingdom, for he did not share his rejection.  This is the moral warning - [applicable to every regenerate believer today] - the narrative seems to give. Through filial loyalty he supported the king AND THE SYSTEM WHICH GOD HAD REJECTED, and lost his life in its collapse.  It was the natural course not the spiritual; the latter, the path of faith, would have been judged unnatural.  Jesus had said: "He that loveth father ... more than Me, is not worthy of Me" (Matt. 10: 37). "Ye are they who have continued with Me in my trials; and I appoint unto you a Kingdom ... that you may eat and drink at My table in MY KINGDOM; and ye shall sit on thrones judging ..." (Luke 22: 28-30).  This special grant was on account of these men having gone through with Christ to the end of His rejection.  He would forgive their failings, even the severe failure of that night.  He would have regard to the dominant fact that they had stuck to His person and cause through thick and thin and would do so unto the end of life."