ĎNo other God have I but Thee; Born in a manger, died on a tree.í


- Martin Luther.


Christ for sickness, Christ for health,

Christ for poverty, Christ for wealth,

Christ for joy, Christ for sorrow,

Christ today and Christ tomorrow;

Christ for Life, and Christ my Light,

Christ when all around gives way

Christ my everlasting Stay;

Christ my Rest, and Christ my Food

Christ above my highest good,

Christ my Well-beloved Friend

Christ my pleasure without end;

Christ my Saviour, Christ my Lord

Christ my Portion, Christ my God,

Christ my Shepherd, I His sheep

Christ Himself my soul to keep;

Christ my Leader, Christ my Peace

Christ has won my soulís release,

Christ my Righteousness divine

Christ for me, for He is mine;

Christ my Wisdom, Christ my Meat,

Christ restores my wandering feet,

Christ my Advocate and Priest

Christ who neíer forgets the least;

Christ my Teacher, Christ my Guide,

Christ the Ever-lasting Bread,

Christ His precious Blood has shed;

Christ has brought me near to God,

Christ the everlasting Word

Christ my Master, Christ my Head,

Christ who for my sins has bled;

Christ my Glory, Christ my Crown,

Christ my Comforter on high,

Christ my Hope draws ever nigh.


- Anon.



The above article was printed in ĎThe Leaderí on March 2nd. 2004.As I read it I thought how true it is and what a wonderful Saviour in Jesus we have; but, as is often the case today, apart from "Christ tomorrow" there was no other hint of Second Advent truth.


With the Lordís help and with a desire to balance the record of truth found in His inspired word, I think I can add twelve more Scriptural verses [with references] to those mentioned above: -


Christ the Righteous Judge will give,

According as His servants live;*

Christ His kingdom will possess, **

Christ is the "King of Righteousness".


[* Rev. 22: 12. ** Rev. 11: 15.]


Christ the Master the servants should obey, *

Christ the disciplesí only Stay;

Christ the rightful King and Heirí

Christ His Kingdom He will share! **


[* Matt. 7: 21. ** Rev. 2; 26]


Christ the Divider of all the spoils,

Christ the Rewarder of His peoples toils; *

Christ Whose words we should all give heed,

Christ will "consider" our every deed. **


[* 1 Cor. 15: 58. ** Luke 20: 35.]


Christ "the Lamb of God" who died.

Christ the Lord Whom they crucified;

Christ "the Lion" who again will return,*

Christ the Teacher from Whom we must learn.


[* Rev. 5: 5.]


Christ the Rewarder of all "the meek", *

Christ the Judge we all will meet;

Christ "the Resurrection and the Life",

Christ the Hater of evil and strife.


[ * Matt. 5: 5.]


Christ the Holder of the all deathís keys, *

Christ the all-knowing God who sees;

Christ the Restorer of a backsliderís faith, **

Christ the Giver of all Godís grace.


[*Rev. 1: 18. ** John 21: 15-19.]


Christ the Strengthener of all the weak,

Christ Whose precepts we all should keep; *

Christ the One we always should seek,

Christ on Whose "shoulders" this world will keep. **


[* Luke 17: 10. ** Isa. 9: 6.]


Christ the Chosen of God to look,

Christ the Wisdom of Godís Holy Book;

Christ the Ruler in "the world to come", *

Christ the Giver of "the prize" to some. **


[*Heb. 2: 5. ** Phil. 3: 14.]


Christ the Reprover of disciples in flight,*

Christ the Restorer to the blind their sight;

Christ the One if we seek we will find,

Christ the Illuminator of a discipleís mind. **


[*Luke 24: 25, 26. ** Luke 24: 45, 46.]


Christ the Priest-King who will return to reign, *

Christ the Reliever of every pain;

Christ the Subject for every gospel story,

Christ the Hope of "eager expectation" and glory. **


[ * Heb. 7: 15-17. ** Rom. 8: 19-21; Isa. 42: 3,4.]


Christ the Door wide open to all

Christ is Inviter of saints with His call; *

Christ the Distributor of Godís reward,

Christ the Hater of all sin and discord.


[* Rev. 3: 8. Note. Christís words here are directed at the regenerate.]


Christ the Wiper away of disciplesí tears

Christ the Ruler here for "a thousand years"; *

Christ the Wisdom of God for the preacher

Christ the peoples divine sent Teacher. **


[* Rev. 20: 4-6. ** Rev. 22: 12.]



ďWhat ever you do,

work at it with all your heart,

as working for the Lord, not for men,

since you know that you will receive

an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.

Anyone who does wrong

will be repaid for his wrong,

and there is no favouritism


(Col. 23-25, N.I.V.).