0ut of several names that were submitted as possible titles for the new Hebrew State being planned, the name Israel was finally selected.  Eretz Israel was ruled out, for with the greater part of their inheritance "stolen" from them by deceit and trickery (Joel 3 2 ; Psa. 60: 6, 7) they could not truthfully call it by that name as for Zion they could not even consider it, for it would not be Zion without Jerusalem (Luke 21: 24; Psa. 132: 13-18); and they did not dare call it Judea, for that name would imply the historical split of Malchuth Israel into two opposing factions, one of which was Judea (Ezek. 37: 16-22).  These reasons were given by the Jewish Agency for their rejection of the other names, leaving them only one choice, and that was Israel.


Israel is the very name whereby God identifies the valley of dry bones which has not become a corporeal body, and is the name used by Ezekiel to designate the people re-gathered in the land that is "brought forth out of the nations," a phrase implying statehood.


A Jewish writer, dwelling on the name of the new Hebrew state, mentioned it as a "little word in the big headlines that taxes our breath".  He then recalled the origin of that name some thirty centuries ago on one dark night when Jacob's name was changed to Israel because "he contended with God and with men (Laban and Esau) and hast prevailed" (Jewish rendition). Since the original derivation of the name means fight, the writer commented:-


"The nations of the world have conceded our rights to a small portion of Eretz Israel, but haven't 'given' us even that - we had to fight and bleed profusely for every inch of it.  And what we have gained is still being murderously contested by foreign bands, Esau's descendants to whom we have never done any harm ... We shall not despair.  Fighting Israel has 'prevailed' all through the ages over Esau.  It will prevail again.  The fight in 'Israel' has just begun."


Many Bible scholars mistakenly name Ishmael as the offender in the present Palestine dispute, whereas the Bible clearly identifies Esau or Edom as the real contender, a fact which even the Jews recognize.  Ishmael dwelt in the wilderness, and his descendants are the wild Bedouin tribes of the desert.  Edom, on the other hand, was a city dweller, and his descendants are the same, being given to more culture and learning.  They belong to the ruling class of Arabs, and it is this class that is making it so extremely difficult for Jacob's children in Palestine.


Israel has yet to learn that he is too weak to conquer Esau in his own strength.  Not until they turn to the Lord Jehovah, who was made flesh, will they be able to fight valiantly, who also will tread down their enemies for them (Isaiah 63: 1-6).


-The Good Samaritan.