WHEN people accept, without a Scriptural investigation, that there is only one translation of the saints at Christ's second coming, they must teach that the foolish virgins represent mere nominal Christians never having had an experience. Every eternal securitist must accept this view for he believes that all backsliders are included in the rapture and the Bride of Christ, since, according to their teaching, they cannot be lost.


It should be remembered that you do not trim a lamp that has not been lighted. Sinners and nominal Christians do not have lights to shine for Christ. It is the oil, typifying the Holy Spirit or the supply of Divine grace, that burns within the lamps. This is entirely lacking in the lives of the unsaved. Sinners have no interest in the coming of the Heavenly Bridegroom. There are none taking the way to meet Him. So there is a vast line of demarcation between the ungodly, the nominal Christian, the backslidden class, and the true born-again believer. The latter has received forgiveness of sins, and a light to guide him.


On the other hand, the only difference between the wise and foolish virgins is shown in the possession by the wise of an extra vessel of replenishing oil, which the foolish lacked. The foolish had thought the supply of oil in their lamps sufficient to carry them through, but the wise wanted more grace, a more abundant supply to assure them "an abundant entrance in," hence had sought and obtained it. Furthermore, the world is not awakened by the midnight cry as it goes forth. Only the Church, the true believers are awakened. And see how Jesus points out that of those awakened, only part are ready to enter in.


Those translated at the first phase of Jesus coming are seen in Rev. 4 and 5. The great harvest of believers will be translated "out of the great tribulation" (Rev. 7: 9-17). Another order of believers is translated in the middle of the seven years (Rev. 12) and still another group just before the Armageddon battle (Rev. 14: 14-16; 15: 2-3). These saints won the victory during the three and one half years reign of the antichrist. The final order of the first resurrection will be after Armageddon (Rev. 20: 4-6).


Those who believe in a one event-translation must wrest these plain Scriptures to their own confusion.


- The Midnight Cry.