All counterfeit millenniums are necessarily built on a denial of the true.  An utterance of Dean Inge, though somewhat extreme even for a Modernist, is typical of the radical rejection of all Second Coming truth.  "I do not wish," he says. "entirely to exclude the possibility that our Lord, in becoming man, may have been willing to share, to some extent, the current popular illusions, both with regard to the Messianic hope, and demoniacal possession.  But this must certainly not be stretched so far as to admit that He fancied Himself filling the role of Daniel’s Son of man in the near future.  Such a notion would not be compatible with sanity, far less with those attributes which all Christians believe Him to have possessed.  The ‘pure eschatologist’ is only to be found in a lunatic asylum, and no one would have taken this seriously in Judea any more than in London."* Thus, on their own confession, the Kingdom of God must be set up by its modern creators and not by the returning Lord; and as a matter of fact we find four (four is the earth number) man-made millenniums offered us in the closing Age, - two Christian and two pagan.


[* The Guardian, May 13, 1910.]   






The Modernist concentrates on the Christianization of civilization and Society.  "The League of Nations," and the Archbishop of Canterbury, at Geneva, "may go far to make the Kingdom of God a reality in our lifetime: promoting it, we take part in something which has never before been attempted among the sons of men."  The League of Nations, says Dr, Jowett, has for its aim "the transformation of the kingdom of this world into the Kingdom of God"; and "the Church’s effort is to be the Christianizing of patriotism, and a creation of a commonwealth of all nations of the earth".




The method expected to achieve the end is the ‘social gospel’.   Dr. R. F. Horton, in a lecture, quoted Dr. Bruce Glashier’s words: "Socialism consists, in truth, when finally resolved, not in getting at all, but in giving; not in being served, but in serving; not in selfishness, but in unselfishness; not in the desire to gain a place of bliss in this world for one’s self and one’s family (that is the individualist and capitalist aim), but in the desire to create an earthly paradise for all." "That," cried Dr. Horton passionately, "is Christianity!  Why use the word ‘Socialism’?"*


[*The Crusader, Mar. 12, 1920.]




So far from the Church being anywhere remotely near the goal, a Modernist, Dr. Parkes Cadman, assures us: "We used to think that God was going to save the world by Methodism or Congregationalism or Presbyterianism: the world will not be saved so in a million years."  And so little has been done in two thousand years that England’s premier statesman, the Prime Minister, says: "The land we would see will always remain as hills that are very far off".






In December, 1925, Pope Pius XI introduced a new Feast into the Catholic calendar - "The Feast of Christ the King".  Quoting more than once God’s promise to our Lord of David’s Throne, the Papal Encyclical displays "the Catholic Church, which is the kingdom of Christ on earth", as "destined to be spread among all men and all nations."  "Oh, what happiness would be ours," exclaims the Pope, "if all men, individuals, families, and nations, would but let themselves be governed by Christ!  ‘Then at length,’ to use the words addressed by our predecessor, Pope Leo XIII, twenty-five years ago to the Bishops of the Universal Church, ‘then at length will many ills be cured; then will the law regain its former authority, peace with all its blessings be restored.  Men will sheathe their swords and lay down their arms when all freely acknowledge and obey the authority of Christ, and every tongue confess that the Lord Jesus Christ is in the glory of God the Father’."




The aim is to be achieved by universal worship of the Eucharistic Sacrifice"The whole world," says the Pope, is to "come together to venerate and adore Christ the King, hidden under the Sacramental species.  It is by a divine inspiration that the people of Christ bring forth Jesus from his silent hiding-place in the Church, and carry him in triumph through the streets of the city, so that he whom men refused to receive when he came unto his own, may now receive in full his kingly rights."




Rome is in the dangerous position of having once had full local power to produce her millennium, so that her future utopia can be judged accurately from her past commonwealth.  Mr. W. J. Stillman, American Consul in Rome under Pius XI, declared the administration of the Papal States under that Pontiff the most vicious and incompetent administration, except perhaps that of the Sultan, he has ever seen.






The Communist Millennium is all society organized as a common political, economic, and religious unit controlled by ‘the dictation of the proletariat.’  "It is only by such external functions as the millions have in common," says the creed, "their uniform and simultaneous movements, that the many can be united in a higher unity; marching, keeping in step, shouting ‘hurrah’ in unison, festal singing in chorus, united attacks on the enemy, these are the manifestations of life which are to give birth to the new and superior type of humanity.  Everything that divides the many from each other, that fosters the illusion of the individual importance of man, especially the ‘soul’, hinders this higher evolution, and must consequently be destroyed.  The ‘glorious external man’ is henceforward to take the place of the inner man, organization is to be substituted for the soul.  For only the mechanically organized has reality, strength, and permanence, mechanism alone is reliable; only the ‘collective man’, freed from the evil of the soul, mechanically united by external interests with all others, is strong.  To him alone belongs the empire of the future; only he will be able to reign therein ‘in the millennium’."




The method is the creation of a gigantic, ruthless, all-controlling political and industrial octopus deliberately crushing the soul to death by its arms.


"Awe-inspiring and in mighty pre-eminence, the mass confronts the individual, for it possesses the ‘multiple strength’ of organization.  It, too, once consisted of many helpless individuals, all seemingly abandoned to their blind ‘anarchical’ fate; but now, united into mass, they stand forth powerful and feared; the secret of their strength is organization; there lies hidden the new salvation by which man may become master of life.


Only in Russia has the final secret of this one possible salvation been recognized, i.e., that it is not so much the development of the soul that can lead humanity to a true re-birth, but that the end is rather to be reached through the mechanical, external, and purely cumulative combination of all individuals by means of organization."




This Frankenstein, this soulless monster, can only end in devouring its creators.  On the day of his death Danton cried: "This time last year I had the Revolutionary Tribunal instituted.  I ask pardon for it of God and of men."




The Fascist Millennium is purely a recreation of Roman Imperial power. "Our formula," says Signor Mussolini, "is: Everything within the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State."


To Mr. Shaw Desmond, Mussolini said:


"Within the next few years Rome will be regarded as the wonder by all those who will look upon her.  She will be vast, well-ordained, powerful, as in the days of Augustus.  And then she will in truth be the worthy capital of the new Italy already growing to maturity; she will have all the grandeur of the past and all the glory of the present; and more than ever she will be nearer to our hearts and furnish an example of the will to persist and be great which animates all the Italians of our time."  Mr. Desmond adds: "As the Italian leader finished what in its way was a sort of paean and peroration, his likeness to his great prototype Napoleon was overwhelming.  His personality is, at times, so overpowering, as to make one lose all sense of proportion, so that this man of middle height seems to become a colossus.  This is simple fact."




The method of re-establishing the Pax Romana, or Roman Millennium, is iron law.  "What," asks Mussolini, "constitutes the State?  The police.  All your codes, all your doctrines, your ordinances are as naught if at a given moment ‘the police by sheer physical force does not make felt the inescapable weight of law.  Woe to him who dares impugn the National Militia: the only answer he will get will be a charge of lead."




The Fascist symbols are the Rods and the Axe, now enthroned beside the Royal Arms on every official document throughout Italy.  Paul felt the rods at Philippi, and the axe at Rome: countless martyrdoms - ‘beheaded’ (Rev. 20: 4) under Antichrist by axe or guillotine - lurk in the Axe sprung back to life.




1. Every one of these Utopias is built over the seething volcano of unregenerate human nature.


2. Every one is an attempt to establish the Kingdom without the King.


3. Every one is in open defiance of the known will of God as revealed in the prophecies of God.


4. Not one has any kingdom for the dead, or can break a single grave.


5. Not one, where it has had full local power, has ever established anything remotely like the Kingdom of God.


6. All lodge the origin of the Kingdom in this world, whereas our Saviour said: "My Kingdom is not from thence."


7. All unite in an explicit, deliberate, and final refusal of the one fact which can alone produce the Kingdom - the return of the King.


Come forth out of thy royal chambers, O Prince of all the kings of the earth!  Put on the visible robes of Thy imperial majesty!  Take up the unlimited septre which the Almighty Father hath bequeathed thee!  For now the voice of thy Bride calls thee, and all creation sighs to be renewed. - Milton.