Do not despise thyself! His yet art thou


Who died for thee, and rose again


That thou to His dear likeness might'st attain,


And shamed face to earth no more despondent bow.



Do not despise thyself! Scorn oft doth sear,


Not heal, the soul it touches. Nay,


Thy Lord will not despise thee, but alway


With patient tenderness He calleth thee anear.



Do not despise thyself, though wrong thou'st done.


Heartless! Thy hands have pierc'd that Heart


Anew, which broke - Self-smitten by Love's dart -


That thou, an alien, mightest bear the name of Son.



Do not despise thyself, for of thy King


Honour'd art thou, and well-belov'd.


Yet flinch not under others' scorn: unmov'd


Endure it, humbly, bravely, as God's chastening.



Do not despise thyself I Thou hast a place


Where shame is lost in victory.


And there, perchance, thine angel, fearlessly


Standeth, beholding evermore the Father's Face.



Do not despise thyself! Ah, never yield,


Nor, weary, dream from strife to cease,


Until thy Captain's order of release


Come, when the sun is setting o'er the battlefield.*


-       Helen Ramsay


[*Keep in mind: Our warfare is not against flesh and blood but against evil spirits in heavenly places.]