3 Days and 3 Nights

A Bride for Isaac 2

Apostates From The Faith (A.L. Chitwood)

Confrontation In The Middle East (Royce Powell)

Conversion of Paul (A.L. Chitwood)

Dare to be a Lot and regret it for A Thousand Years

David's Mighty Men (A.E. Wilson)


Elijah (Royce Powell)

Enter Into The Joy of Thy Lord (Royce Powell)

Envy And Hatred (Royce Powell)

Ezekiel Chapter 34 (Royce Powell)

False Teachers (A.L. Chitwood)

From Whence come Wars and Fights

From Beginning To The End (John Herbert)

Future Judgement For Unsaved and Saved

Haman's Plot - Divinely Overruled 01 (A.E. Wilson)

Haman's Plot - Divinely Overruled 02 (A.E. Wilson)

Haman's Plot - Divinely Overruled 03 (A.E. Wilson)

Heavenly And Earthly Promises And Blessings (John Herbert)

Introduction to Letters to The Seven Churches

Israel's Coming Restoration (A.L. Chitwood)

Jehosaphet's Prayer (Royce Powell)

Let Us Go On (John Herbert)

Message to Pergamum

Message to the Church at Ephesus (Morris Hull)

Message to the Church at Laodicea (Morris Hull)

Message to The Church at Smyrna (Morris Hull)

Message To Philadelphia

Obedience and the Kingdom (R. Powell)

  Old Testament Prophecies of Christ's Millennial Kingdom (Simon Medhurst)

On To Maturity (John Herbert)

Place of Two Camps (R. Powell)

Put On (John Herbert)

Rachel's prayer (Royce Powell)

Rejection of The Kingdom Again by Israel

Resolving the Middle East Conflict

Resurrection (E. Howarth)

Rewards-Crowns (A.L. Chitwood)

Rightly Dividing the World of Truth

Romans One to Verse Seventeen

Salvation Faith and Works (A.L. Chitwood)

Salvation of The Soul (E. Howarth)


Septenary Arrangement Of Scripture (A.L. Chitwood)

Signs have to do with The Kingdom

Signs in John's Gospel (A.L. Chitwood)

Sodomy (R. Powell)

Take Heed (Pastor Mike Wood)

Take Your Crown (John Herbert)

Teach Us To Pray (Royce  Powell)

The Birthright (R. Powell)

The Certainty of Prophecy (J.A. Green)

The Distance of the Course (Earl Radmacher)

The Epistles Pauline and General (A.L. Chitwood)

The Faith In Regards To The Coming Kingdom (Royce Powell)

The Gentile Nations in The Millennium (John Douglas)

The Importance of Prophecy (Brian Green)

The Inheritance Awaiting Christians

The Laver (R. Powell)

The Lord Our Righteousness (J.A.Green)

The Lords Host (R. Powell)

**NEW 2018** The Man Who Died and Rose Again – Track1 (Ronnie McCracken) **NEW 2018**

The Man Who Died and Rose Again - Track2

The Man Who Died and Rose Again - Track3

The Millenial Reign (J.A. Green)

The Need for a Man (R. Powell)

The Poor Wise Man (Royce Powell)

The Prize of The High Calling (C.H. Welsh)

The Rich Young Ruler (A.L. Chitwood)

The Unjust Husbandman - Pastor Kieth Gilbert

The Way Things Were (A.L. Chitwood)

The Word Nothing (R. Powell)

Third Mile Christian (Dennis Corle)

  Three Hours of Darkness

Train to Reign - Distraction

Train to Reign - Exhaustion

Train to Reign - Reward

Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem - Cleansing of the Temple (I. Foster)

Us In Him (John Herbert)