Quantum accedit finis mundi crescunt errores, crebrescunt terrores; crescit iniquitas, crescit infidelitas. - AUGUSTINE.


Help, mighty God!

The strong man bows himself,

The good and wise are few,

The standard-bearers faint,

The enemy prevails.

Help, God of might,

In this Thy Church's night!


Help, mighty God!

Men turn their ear away

From the Great Voice Divine,

And each one seeks his own

Dark oracles of lies.

Help, God of might,

Thine enemies, Lord, affright!


Help, mighty God!

The blind now lead the blind,

Man has become as God,

The tree of knowledge now

Bears its last, ripest fruit:

Help, God of might,

For us come forth and fight!


Help, mighty God!

The Cross is growing old,

And the great sepulchre

Is but a Hebrew tomb:

The Christ has died in vain:

Help, God of might,

Else shall faith perish quite!


Help, mighty God!

The Christ of ages past

Is now the Christ no more:

Altar and fire are gone,

The Victim but a dream

Help, God of might,

Put the foe to flight!


Help, mighty God!

Men slight the grace divine,

They mock the glorious love;

And the great gift [Prise] of God

Is as a thing of nought.

Help, God of might,

The foe arise and smite!


Help mighty God!

The world is waxing grey,

And charity grows chill;

And faith is at its ebb,

And hope is withering:

Help, God of might!

Appear in glory bright!